5TH GRADERS - Join The Band

Watch this video to learn why band is so awesome at grisham!

How do I pick which instrument to play?


April 1st, 2023 2:00-6:00 pm

This event is required for ALL students who put band as their 1st elective choice. If this date does not work for your family, please email Mr. England at mason_england@roundrockisd.org to set up another time! Sign Up Genius to be sent out soon!

This event is also for ALL incoming 6th graders who are interested in trying out the instruments! Even if you did not put band as your first choice, you can still sign up for a time and attend this event!


Learn About the Instruments - WOODWINDS!
Learn About the Instruments - BRASS and PERCUSSION!


How do I sign up for Band?

You must put band FIRST for electives on your choice sheet when you sign up for classes over at Grisham! We can’t wait to meet you!

Do I have to know anything about music to join Band?

Not a thing! Almost all of the students who enter our band program have never played an instrument before. That’s what we’re here for!

What are the advantages of being in Band?

Band kids LOVE playing their instruments with other students! Band kids also love our concerts, contests, and learning how to play all different kinds of music for their family and friends. Plus, we go on a trip every year!

Does Band involve time outside of the school day?

There are not any regularly scheduled practices outside of the school day during the first year of band. Students do have to practice, but our students say it’s the most fun kind of homework!

How do I get an instrument?

You may rent or purchase a new or used instrument from a music company. We also have a few school-owned instruments for a small rental fee if you feel that money might be an issue! We are happy to work with you.

Can my child be academically successful and be in the Grisham Band Program?

Of course! Many of our students graduate at the top of their class at Westwood. Some have gone on to be National Merit Finalists, scholarship winners, and many achieve at very high levels in the IB program. Band teaches time management skills, and students have other band members to help with homework and studying!

Are there any school instruments available?

The school provides a limited number of larger and more expensive instruments, including Oboes, Bassoons, French Horns, Euphoniums and Tubas. We also have a few of the other instruments - finances should never be a reason to NOT do band! Please reach out to us if you feel that getting an instrument might be a problem for your family!

Can my child participate in sports and other activities while taking Band?

Absolutely! We encourage our band members to participate in athletics, dance, cheer, and other activities. Many of our band members are the star athletes at Grisham as well as leaders in all academics!